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Chopsticks & Chopstick Holders

Product Code: MPM7195 Brand: Noa Store
1. Chopsticks and Straws Holder Basket for Dishwashers - Hold Chopsticks, Straws, and other Utensils Without Falling Through. 2. This plastic chopsticks and straws holder basket for dishwashers is the perfect size to store cutlery or hold it for washing...
Product Code: MPM6006 Brand: Hiware
These chopsticks are ideal for family use and as fine dining ware, They're also great for entertaining and make a great gift! Dining utensils for everyday use for families or when hosting guests. They are perfect Chopsticks Gift Set for any Occasion, you can easily use them to eat Sushi, Noodles or ..
Product Code: MPM5799 Brand: HuaLan
1. Package: 5 pairs per box 2. Color: Silver 3. Washing Instructions:Machine washable or use dish detergent, put them in disinfection cabinet or someplace dry and clean 4. Notice: Do not keep in touch with strong corrosive for long time; children within 8-year old, please use this products under the..
Product Code: MPM10688 Brand: finessCity
You like to learn on how to use chopsticks and the options in the market are very of cheap quality but you are looking for something that last long and work as a charm. Get your hands on the finessCity Titanium Travel Chopsticks to learn of how to use chopsticks and Enhance your food experience now!..
Product Code: MPM5901
Material: stainless steel Length: 8.26- inch (21cm) Made in Korea Korean Chopsticks Spoon Set Stainless, This product can be used semi-permanently. Our spoons of scientific nature for food as take advantage of this product is excellent practicality. When you use the stage to create the atmosphere o..
Product Code: MPM6773 Brand: loopki
Multicolor reusable chopsticks stainless steel Metal Chopsticks Set with Case,4 Pairs Chopsticks Dishwasher Safe Beautiful Color Reusable Chopsticks,loopki reusable Chopsticks set is made of high quality food grade 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel chopstick set comes with a convenient case t..
Product Code: MPM6314 Brand: Greatamzor
Are you troubled by moldy bamboo chopsticks/wooden chopsticks? Are you worried about the plastic chopsticks/fiber glass chopsticks may melt hazardous substance into the food? Are you hesitated on buying the metal chopsticks, suspecting that too slippery to use? ❤Our metal chopsticks are made of f..
Product Code: MPM6077 Brand: Greatamzor
Our chopsticks are square metal chopsticks made of food grade 304 stainless steel with Titanium plating whole body and nonslip line laser engraving on chopsticks tip. Why choose our chopsticks? ✿ Titanium Plated Our metal chopsticks are made of food grade 304 stainless steel with premium titaniu..
Product Code: MPM5461 Brand: Rbenxia
Non-magnetic stainless steel better than ordinary chopsticks on use and durability.The upper part sprial thread processing design, increase the sense of elegant.Grooves design along the bottom tips,solve the problem of slippery, easy to hold it.For cleaning, the slick finish really comes in handy. I..
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