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Product Code: MPM28298 Brand: Juvale
Perfect Accessory Whether you're an outdoor activity lover who wants to find a reliable heavy duty clasp, a dog owner who wants to change the old parts on the leashes , or simply want to add a little fun to your own personal IDs and keychains, this pack comes with 6-pack of premium quality swivel cl..
Product Code: MPM27733 Brand: Juvale
Create stunning jewelry pieces and more with this 200-pack set of adhesive pins. These pins are perfect for DIY name tags, ribbons, flowers, jewelry making and more. Pin the DIY pins on your clothing, pin them to your fabric of choice, add them to any art or put them on your backpack and complete yo..
Product Code: MPM15544 Brand: Juvale
4 Pack iron metal plant caddies with wheels and small wrench for easy assembly. Great for transporting and moving potted plants, garden pots, large vases, or whiskey barrels. 10.6 Inches diameter..
Product Code: MPM29734 Brand: Juvale
Includes 100 D-ring hangers and 100 screws. Use to hang photo frames, art frames, wall clocks, etc. Attach to the back of photo frames and attach metal wire to hang objects easily (wire not included). Comes with convenient plastic storage container box. Dimensions: Hook: 1.2 x 0.6 inches, Screws: 0...
Product Code: MPM29665 Brand: Juvale
This pack of 6 foam wreaths comes in a bright, clean white color that makes it easy to paint, making it ideal for seasonal celebrations as well as special occasions such as a baby shower, bridal shower, Thanksgiving, Christmas holiday celebration, or even a graduation decoration...
Product Code: MPM31448 Brand: Juvale
Decorative continuous twist tie roll can easily be cut for desired length. Ideal for homemade goodies and crafts; secure cello bags, party favors, gifts, candies, cake pops, treats, wrapped candy, etc. 399 Yards / 1197 Feet..
Product Code: MPM30779 Brand: Juvale
Stay organized with these versatile plastic storage jars with screw-on lids. The clear plastic jars are great for everyday use for beauty products and traveling or for fun arts and crafts! These plastic mason jars with lids make perfect slime containers for kids and the screw-on lids ensure all the ..
Product Code: MPM7256 Brand: Juvale
The Juvale 4-inch Salt and Pepper Shakers are a great addition to any kitchen, restaurant, or dining room table. Each salt and pepper shaker is 4 inches tall and holds about 4 ounces. Made from high-quality stainless steel with a glass bottom that helps to verify when shakers are getting low, avoidi..
Product Code: MPM31503 Brand: Juvale
Helps kids learn letters, spelling and pronunciation with this these wooden letters. Set contains a total of 144 pieces, with 4 pieces of each alphabet letter and number in a natural wooden color. Also excellent for craft projects, as party decorations, weddings, baby showers and so on. Put these le..
Product Code: MPM27877 Brand: Juvale
Whether you are a jeweler or simply need to shape metal as part of a new construction project, this carbon steelhead hammer is the perfect addition to your toolbox. With a small handle that features an ergonomic grip, you'll be able to work more efficiently and effectively while producing the most b..
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