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Product Code: MPM8477 Brand: STARVAST
Pegboard hooks fit all types of 3/16 and 1/4 inch pegboards with 1 inch spacing. The nickel-plating finishes over the metal hooks shiny and protects from rust. There is no chance to sliding your hanged tools right off as there is a small bent upwards. Use in garages, sheds, workshops, basements, k..
Product Code: MPM29098 Brand: STARVAST
STARVAST Tie Tacks Pin Back with Butterfly Clutch & Blank Pins, enjoy your any pins clasping tight. Super tight clasp, avoid pins are shoved, pulled and pushed on, and better work for your Disney pins, Shrinky Dinks pins, Christmas brooch or badges. 100 pairs tie tacks, enough for replacement to y..
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