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Product Code: MPM19924 Brand: University Games
The three pieces of this challenging cast metal brainteaser puzzle Each have a spiral body. When assembled, the pieces form a unified flat object. In order to undo this complex entanglement, it will be necessary to unbind them three-dimensionally. Here's a small hint for Akio yamamoto's vortex: thin..
Product Code: MPM19211 Brand: University Games
Hanayama's Cylinder brainteaser gives you no clues to the solution - and that's part of the fun. The outside of this elegant little knurled cylinder doesn't offer any hints, but we'll give you one: Think about it as though you are cracking a safe. After you separate the cast metal cylinder into its ..
Product Code: MPM19817 Brand: University Games
University Games has joined forces with Hana Yama of Japan in bringing the world's finest cast puzzles to the United States. Known for their high quality, puzzle inventors worldwide compete to be chosen for Hanayama's challenging line. This is without a doubt a quality puzzle among the many levels o..
Product Code: MPM20640 Brand: University Games
Hanayama's Donuts brainteaser features two intertwined ring shapes for you to disentangle. The gleaming rings have a chrome-like finish: one is dark and one is lighter. Your goal is to separate the donuts into four pieces and it's trickier than it looks. Puzzlers suggest trying to imagine the inner ..
Product Code: MPM19580 Brand: University Games
Challenge your problem-solving skills with "H and H," a cast metal puzzle from Hanayama of Japan. This gleaming metal puzzle was designed to challenge your dexterity and your brain. Can you separate gently curved pieces, and then return the puzzle to its original state? Makes a great gift or party g..
Product Code: MPM20813 Brand: University Games
Though easy to take apart, the Hanayama diamond puzzle requires diligence and dedication to reassemble. The elegant, understated design hides a boggling brainteaser sure to keep your hands busy. Sleek, high-quality materials ensure each piece endures years of vigorous play. Hanayama cast-metal brain..
Product Code: MPM19681 Brand: University Games
Solve the chess puzzle's challenge and find the lucky coin sealed inside! Hanayama chess piece puzzles are brain teasers built into high quality chess puzzle pieces. Each cast metal, chrome-plated chess piece requires a different solution to open it and collect the cast-plated gold token hidden insi..
Product Code: MPM20452 Brand: University Games
Back in America's wild West days, cowboys used any means available to prevent their horses from being stolen. According to legend, one resourceful cowboy had the idea of Rigging horseshoes to work as a lock, which served as the origin of this puzzle. Hint: "horses"...
Product Code: MPM19634 Brand: University Games
Hanayama cast puzzles are the world's finest brain teasers. The keyhole is a high-quality, cast metal puzzle that is mensa-level rated difficulty. The theme is "groove" Which was devised by Finnish VESA timonen...
Product Code: MPM19037 Brand: University Games
The padlock design looks similar in size and weight to a lock one might find at the gym, but look out - there's no key or combination of numbers to solve this one! Hanayama and BePuzzled are thrilled to once again bring you the newest, most challenging, most innovative, highest quality cast puzzles ..
Product Code: MPM20794 Brand: University Games
Hanayama has done it again, with the cast metal Radix Puzzle. Inventor Akio Yamamoto has created two twisting shapes that curve around each other. Once you've disentangled the shapes, can you reassemble the puzzle? We've included the solution along with your puzzle just in case you find yourself stu..
Product Code: MPM20471 Brand: University Games
Challenge your problem-solving skills with ''Rattle,'' a cast metal puzzle from Hanayama of Japan. Your first challenge may be figuring out just how many pieces make up this puzzle. Next, solve the riddle of Rattle, and take it apart. Once you've discovered the secret and separated the pieces, how l..
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