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Product Code: MPM28440 Brand: QzoneLife
10pcs sewing machine spools is enough for a long time use and you won't worry lose some because of carelessness. The sewing machine bobbins are made of superior durable alloy so they are very practical to withstand everyday use and not easy to rust. Standard Size: Sewing machine bobbins are Universa..
Product Code: MPM27501 Brand: QzoneLife
Product Specifics Quantity: 2pcs sewing machine bobbin case+10pcs metal sewing machine bobbins+50 pcs sewing machine needles. Size: Each bobbin case measures 0.81inch in diameter, each bobbin measures 0.8inch in diameter. We have size 9, 11, 14, 16, 18 machine needles with 5 needle bottles, 10 pcs..
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