YENUO, Heavy Duty Drawer Slide, Full Extension, 12-40 inches, 150 lbs(1 Pairs)
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YENUO, Heavy Duty Drawer Slide, Full Extension, 12-40 inches, 150 lbs(1 Pairs)

Brand: Foshan yenuo Hardware Co., Ltd
Product Code: MPM818
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*Heavy Duty Drawer Slides : YENUO slide rail opening and closing test 100,000 times. The service life is 30 years.Provide various sizes, heavy duty Drawer slides 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 inch Optional

*Side mounted: the installation space on both sides of the drawer must be 12.7mm * 2(1/2 inch* 2).Does not include screws.

*Length: 14inch (350mm). Suitable for long cabinet depths of 14-16 inches-Load bearing: 68 kg / 150 lb

*Detachable & full extension drawer slides: Detachable internal guide rail (to remove the tool from the drawer), full extension drawer slides noiseless

*Smooth and silent: rubber cushion cushion, avoid pushing and pulling collision during use, reduce noise

YENUO heavy drawer slide.

Technical details:
1. Very sturdy version-each pair can hold up to 150 pounds
2. Material: high gloss galvanized metal
3. Drawer slide rails with balls can realize smooth and silent opening and closing
4. High quality-three-section fully extended heavy drawer slides, such as slides used for heavy drawers in the machinery industry
Color: white
Material: Cold rolled steel
Material thickness: 1.5*1.5*1.5 mm
Height: different length, different height.
Width: 12.7 mm
The length shown refers to the closed state of the drawer slide.
The extended length is twice the closed length.
Scope of supply:
1 pair (2) drawer slides
Side mounted. Note: Mounting brackets and screws are not included.

Install the outer fixing rails on both sides horizontally and fix them with screws.When removing the drawer, press and hold the disassembly buckle to break away from the inner fixed rail.Install the inner fixed rails on both sides of the drawer, align the middle fixed rails, and slide them in parallel.
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